Our Machines

Our work relies on specialist instruments to allow us to effectively study and optimise the interactions between surfaces and lubricants under various conditions, so that we can reliably ensure:

  • Accurate Measurement of parameters like friction, wear, and lubricant film thickness at incredibly small scales and under realistic operating conditions
  • Realistic Simulation of the high speeds, pressures, and temperatures encountered in engines and machinery
  • Customisable Conditions so that we can study how lubricants and materials perform under unique scenarios – such as in aerospace
  • Rapid Iterative Testing of different lubricant formulations and modifications – accelerating the development process by helping our team identify successful strategies.

As well as investing on industry-leading equipment, we love nothing more than getting creative in the lab and developing our own tools and techniques to create reliable results.

Equipment we currently use in our labs include:

  • 2x PCS Instruments, Micropitting rig (MPR)
  • 2x PCS Instruments, Mini Traction Machine (Mk 1), with reciprocating and pin-on-disc capabilities
  • PCS Instruments, Mini Traction Machine (Mk 2), with SLIM (Mapper), reciprocating and pin-on-disc capabilities
  • Buehler Automet 250 Grinder/Polisher
  • 2 x Custom Made Pin-on-disc Test Rig (MPOD)
  • Taylor Hobson Surtronic S100 Profilometer
  • Brunel SP-400 – High Mag Metallurgical Grade Long Drop Microscope
  • Automatic grease applicator (custom made for MPR test rig)
  • 3 x Prusa 3D printers