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Ingram Tribology was set-up at the beginning of 2018 to provide focussed tribology support to industry.  Our mission is to provide quality tribology consulting services and training.

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Marc Ingram headshot - Ingram Tribology Ltd

Principle Consultant – Dr. Marc Ingram

Marc has over 10 years experience working in Tribology.  He has a masters degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Engineering (Tribology), so can easily bridge the gap that so often exists between lubricant formulator and field/test engineer.  He has worked with all major oil and additive companies after a successful career at Imperial College, PCS Instruments and Afton Chemical.  Marc has extensive knowledge of all tribology test methods including both standardised and non-standardised lubricant tests. He has designed, modified and improved countless methods, to ultimately aid in the development of new lubricant products.  He has tremendous knowledge on the trends in the lubricants industry and has good links to the major OEMs.

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Alex Richardson Ingram Tribology

Engineer – Dr. Alex Richardson

Alex has masters degree in Mechanical Engineer from Southampton University and a PhD in Materials Science (Tribology). Alex has worked on white etching crack and related phenomenon through two summer internships, before continuing this work as a full PhD course. The PhD was sponsored by Afton Chemical Ltd and resulted in 3 publications and many oral presentations. Alex is an expert in Tribology testing and surface/subsurface analysis, with 5+ years specialist knowledge in wind turbine gearbox bearing failure. Alex joined Ingram Tribology Ltd in July 2019, he will be working on all our consulting projects, training courses and internal development projects.

Rhys Roberts Ingram Tribology.jpg

Engineer – Rhys Roberts 

Rhys holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Glamorgan. Rhys gained this qualification during his 10 year tenure as an Electrical Engineer in the Automotive Research and Development Industry for a Tier 1 Automotive Component Manufacturer in South Wales.

Rhys now owns his own company, Software Systems Developments Ltd, which specialises in designing bespoke software applications and developing control and automation systems for special purpose machinery.  Rhys handles all the electronic control and software development at Ingram Tribology Ltd.

Dr. Martin Halfdan Evans

Dr. Martin Halfdan Evans

Martin has been working in the field of Engineering Tribology and Materials Characterisation for 10 years. He obtained his BEng Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton and PhD from the National Centre for Advanced Tribology at the University of Southampton (nCATS). The PhD was sponsored by Vestas Wind Systems to investigate a critical failure mode occurring in wind turbine gearbox bearings, specifically White Etching Cracks (WECs).

Martin has continued in the field of wind turbine and transmission bearing tribology up to now by holding a Visiting Researcher position at nCATs, co-supervising a PhD project sponsored by Afton Chemical, publishing in peer reviewed journals and performing consultancy projects with industry.

Martin is a world expert on the field of White Etching Cracks (WECs), having published over 10 highly cited research papers and several invited review papers. He has extensive experience and knowledge in failure analysis and specifically analysing bearing steels by metallography. He pioneered the use of serial sectioning metallography (mapping the steel subsurface and 3-dimensional crack mapping) in the field of rolling element bearings for root cause failure analysis. Martin’s work has received international recognition and has been recipient to over 10 prestigious awards.

Peter Denyer - Ingram Tribology Ltd

Mr. Peter Denyer IEng MIET

Peter is a qualified mechanical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the UK electricity supply industry (transmission). He has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of commissioning, maintaining assets, setting maintenance policies (maintenance frequencies, maintenance content, lifetime management, life extension) and developing new and innovative strategies.  His work has mainly been in the UK but he has been involved with coordinating and comparing strategies with associates in the USA.

During his later years, he proposed and supervised a tribology project in association with Imperial College, London to identify the most suitable lubricants to ensure reliability of equipment in all conditions, ensuring degradation mechanism were identified, thereby enabling reduced maintenance combined with a lower failure rate, increased availability, lower breakdowns and life extension of assets. He co-presented this technical presentation to the National Lubrication Grease Institute in the USA (2012). He is of the firm belief that correct lubrication is the key to successful asset management.


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