Our Team

At the heart of Ingram Tribology is a small, professional, and highly adaptable team of experts, who are deeply passionate about the world of tribology.

As a small yet dynamic team, we have the agility to adapt quickly to changing industry landscapes and emerging technologies – so that our clients benefit from the most cutting-edge solutions and research available.

Marc Ingram


Marc has over 10 years experience working in Tribology. 

His masters degree in Chemistry and PhD in Engineering (Tribology) helps him easily bridge the gap that so often exists between lubricant formulator and field/test engineer.  He has worked with all major oil and additive companies after a successful career at Imperial College, PCS Instruments and Afton Chemical. 

Marc has extensive knowledge of all tribology test methods including both standardised and non-standardised lubricant tests. He has designed, modified and improved countless methods, to ultimately aid in the development of new lubricant products.

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Thomas Baldwin


Tom is a highly skilled mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield University, where his final year project was on oil film prediction for engine journal bearings.

He is currently working on test method development as well as creating content for our training courses.

Alongside his technical expertise, Tom’s active lifestyle and love for outdoor activities, such as rowing, hiking, and camping, reflect his energetic nature.

His adventurous spirit and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Lucy Lopez

Office Manager

Lucy handles Ingram Tribology’s accounts and co-ordinates shipping, and ensures all processes run smoothly. She also manages our training course administration.

When Lucy’s not immersed in office operations, she might be found enjoying the countryside and coastline of West Wales, indulging in culinary delights, or losing herself in the mesmerizing beats of techno music.

“Ingram has been very flexible and helpful to adapt the analysis proceedure according to our research question”

Fabrizio Steinebrunner, Igralub AG für Schmiertechnik

Tribological Thinking

Find out about our latest thinking, research, news and more.

  • Check out our first Tribo Gatherings Podcast

    Check out our first Tribo Gatherings Podcast

    We have started a Podcast! Our first guest is Dr. Connor Myant from Imperial College. We discuss biotribology, as related to the testing of food and hip joint failures. We discuss the advances in 3D printing and how Connor moved from Tribology into 3D printing. We discuss all Connors current projects and thoughts for the…

  • We’re hiring

    We’re hiring

    We are recruiting an Engineer to join our team at Ingram Tribology. The deadline for applications is 4th September 2023.

  • Preparing for the summer conferences 2023

    Preparing for the summer conferences 2023

    We have been busy preparing for the conferences this summer.   By drafting some of our micropitting work for publication.  This will be presented at STLE, Lubmat and TriboUK. We have been busy working on a rapid micropitting test that correlates to the FZG micropitting test.  Our new test takes less than 40 hours and correlates…

  • Maintaining safe and quiet railways

    Maintaining safe and quiet railways

    We are currently working on an exciting project with the Railway Standards Safety Board (RSSB) and the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI), to develop a new performance test for Top of rail (TOR) materials.  These TOR materials are used to ensure traction and reduce noise at the wheel/rail interface.  This allows trains to start without…

  • It’s Xmas Penguin Time

    It’s Xmas Penguin Time

    This year the animals at the South Pole have been having fun demonstrating the different shapes of contacting bodies.

  • Stribeck Curves

    Stribeck Curves

    A Stribeck Curve (sometimes also called a Stribeck Friction Curve) is a common name used to described friction vs entrainment speed results, measured on a tribometer.  These are very useful as they give a good overview of the frictional performance of a lubricant. The Stribeck Curve is named after the German engineer Richard Stribeck, who…

  • Covid Response 2020

    Covid Response 2020

    At the beginning of the first COVID lockdown in the UK – March 2020, we like many other people didn’t know what effect the lockdown would have on our business.  But we did know and feel like we needed to help our local community.  This included the manufacture of protective face visors, using our 3D…

  • Traction Curves

    Traction Curves

    Traction curves can be used to develop lubricants for specific applications, for example high traction fluids for CVTs.  They can also be used to help understand the physical changes of the lubricant under high contact pressures.  This can then be used to help develop new lubricants with special properties, for example with low traction to…