Preparing for the summer conferences 2023

We have been busy preparing for the conferences this summer.   By drafting some of our micropitting work for publication.  This will be presented at STLE, Lubmat and TriboUK.

We have been busy working on a rapid micropitting test that correlates to the FZG micropitting test.  Our new test takes less than 40 hours and correlates very well with the FZG test.  There are more developments to come, which we are excited about.

Micropitting screening test

We have also been busy designing and packaging our new freebies!  These are a lego wind turbine and electric car.  The wind turbine comes with a choice of colours for the flowers (pink, red or yellow), and the electric car comes with a minifigure!

A lot of our expertise is centred on the gearboxes in wind turbines and electric vehicles, so these seem like the perfect corporate freebie.  We hope everyone enjoys them. 

If you’d like one, just stop us at one of the conferences or get in touch.

STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition

“Development of an Industrial Gearbox Relevant Micropitting Test”

Session: Gears I.  11:30 am on Tuesday 23rd May in room 103B.

Lubmat (Preston, UK)

“Development of a Rapid Micropitting Test for Industrial and Automotive Gearbox Lubricants


“Development of a Field Relevant Micropitting Test”

We also plan to attend the BioTribology conferences in September.