Gear Micropitting Screening Test

Micropitting is a type of fatigue wear commonly found on gear teeth. The gradual loss of material in the form of small surface pits leads to a change in the geometry of the component; if this is not controlled, it can result in failure of the part.

The standardised method of evaluating a lubricants ability to reduce micropitting is with a back-to-back gear machine (the FZG Gear Test).  This test for micropitting is very long – in the order of 3-4 weeks. 

We have developed an accurate and repeatable accelerated micropitting test.  Which is being used to help lubricant formulators develop new products, in a fast and cost-effective manner.

This test method uses the PCS Instruments MPR, in a 3 ring on roller configuration. 

The loss of material of our test roller “MPR Profile Deviation” correlates with the gear profile deviation as measured in the FZG FVA 54/7 or DIN 3990 part 16 method.  This gives oil formulators a useful and accurate tool to develop new lubricants.

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