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We are recruiting for a lab technician to come and join our team. As a lab technician at Ingram Tribology you will be working at the cutting edge of lubrication and interfacial engineering sciences, helping to solve problems for companies from all over the world.

The deadline for applications is 21st May 2024. To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to [email protected]

The full job description is shown below:

Gear Micropitting Screening Test

Micropitting is a type of fatigue wear commonly found on gear teeth. The gradual loss of material in the form of small surface pits leads to a change in the geometry of the component; if this is not controlled, it can result in failure of the part.

The standardised method of evaluating a lubricants ability to reduce micropitting is with a back-to-back gear machine (the FZG Gear Test).  This test for micropitting is very long – in the order of 3-4 weeks. 

We have developed an accurate and repeatable accelerated micropitting test.  Which is being used to help lubricant formulators develop new products, in a fast and cost-effective manner.

This test method uses the PCS Instruments MPR, in a 3 ring on roller configuration. 

The loss of material of our test roller “MPR Profile Deviation” correlates with the gear profile deviation as measured in the FZG FVA 54/7 or DIN 3990 part 16 method.  This gives oil formulators a useful and accurate tool to develop new lubricants.

If you would like to hear more, please get in touch. [email protected]

Merry Christmas from all of us at Ingram Tribology

Our Christmas card this year depicts the scene of Santa enjoying the drinks left out for him near the fireplace.  Santa is trying both port and hot chocolate and notices a distinct difference in the mouthfeel between the two.  The port has a drier, thinner feel.  Whilst the hot chocolate impacts a smoother, creamier feeling. 

The mouthfeel of different foods and drinks can be accurately measured by the tools we have in our lab.  This helps in the development of delicious new foods and drinks.  

We hope you enjoy this year’s card from us, please feel free to share and to use the image as you wish.