Research into materials and how they can be optimised is an integral part of product design and improvement across nearly every industry. 

By measuring friction and wear, our engineers can understand how materials, coatings, and lubricants are affected by processes and find better solutions – improving reliability, efficiency and performance

Real World Applications

There’s a huge range of applications where Tribology can deliver competitive advantages. Find out how more about how we can use it to solve problems for key sectors.


See how Tribology can deliver new levels of race performance.

Food Production

Tribology is not just useful in mechanical applications – See how it benefits Food Science.

Wind Turbines

Solve problems with failure rates and improve efficiency with effective Tribology lab testing.

Engine Oils

From improving MPG to reducing wear, lubricant design can deliver huge benefits for engines.


The forces applied within Electric Vehicle gearboxes present unique challenges.

Computational Modelling

See how machine learning can translate tribology test results into real-world performance predictions.

Ingram Tribology delivered high-quality results with great attention to detail and professionalism. They also met our deadlines and expectations with their fast and efficient service. We are grateful for their support and expertise

Maruti Sai Dhiraj Sakhamuri, Ph.D. Researcher, University of Southampton

Tribological Thinking

Find out about our latest thinking, research, news and more.

  • Traction Curves

    Traction Curves

    Traction curves can be used to develop lubricants for specific applications, for example high traction fluids for CVTs.  They can also be used to help understand the physical changes of the lubricant under high contact pressures.  This can then be used to help develop new lubricants with special properties, for example with low traction to…