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Three Years of Ingram Tribology

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The 3rd year anniversary of Ingram Tribology came and went and was overshadowed by the worldwide health emergency.  On reflection we have achieved a lot in 3 short years.  Some projects of note include:

  • The development of a new TOR Material test method
  • A project to use rig test data and advanced algorithms to predict friction losses throughout a complex machine
  • A new test method to evaluate the ability of a lubricant to increases efficiency in a machine.
  • The development of a small, simple pin-on-disk rig

Much of the work we do is confidential and will probably not be published, but it is safe to say we have worked with an exciting range of people and have worked on may types of products, including the cutting edge of EV lubricants, low friction engine oils, wind turbine oils, and a few new classes of additives.

Alex joined Ingram Tribology in 2018 as a full time engineer and works on most projects.  We now also have Lucy who has joined us on a part time basis as an office manager.  We also have a range of favoured collaborators these include:

Paul – who helps us in writing algorithms and programmes.  Usually for fast data analysis or building complex machine friction models.

Rhys – who assists us with instrumentation and writing software.

Dan – who joins us from the F1 industry and works primarily as a CAD engineer.  Assisting us with design projects.

In terms of the training courses, over 100 people have attended a Tribology for Industry training course, either face to face or online.

We hope to continue serving the Tribology industry for many years to come.  If you think we can help you, get in touch.


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