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ingram tribology launch event

Launch event – report

The Ingram Tribology Launch Event was a resounding success.  We were honoured to have 10 speakers share their work during the day.  The relaxed atmosphere at the event laid the foundation for very well delivered talks and many fruitful discussions.


We had a range of talks from the cutting edge of biotribology, to more industrial focussed talks of steel works and truck maintenance.  We also had some young tribologists presenting their PhD work, along with emerging technologies such as the tribology of 3D printed surfaces.


At the close of the event Marc Ingram delivered a public talk entitled “what is tribology?”  where he gave an introductory lecture on the subject.  This included two live experiments with audience participation.  One where the audience members had a choice of 4 lubricants to lubricate the ball bearings in their fidget spinners, the goal to have the longest spin time.  The second was to taste test a range of chocolates, to gauge the different mouthfeels depending on the cocoa butter content.  The participants enjoyed learning about tribology in this hands-on way.

We thank all attendees for travelling to Carmarthen to support the new business, and wish you all well with your own research and careers.


Prof. W. Gregory Sawyer, University of Florida, USA

Biology and Tribology: How Nature Uses Fragile Interfaces



Dr. Mark Fowell, Volvo, Sweden

“Keep on truckin” the science of lubricating heavy duty haulage


Angela Pitenis - Ingram tribology launch event

Dr. Angela Pitenis, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Aqueous Lubrication


Dr. Rich Baker, PCS Instruments, UK

Tribology Test Equipment – from the past to the present


Dr. Alastair Clarke, University of Cardiff, UK

Micropitting in gears – experimental and simulation work at Cardiff


Connor Myant - ingram tribology launch event

Dr. Connor Myant, Imperial College London, UK

Tribological behaviour of 3D printed metal


Dr. Jason Galary, Nye Lubricants, USA

New testing methodology for evaluating automotive application reliability under fretting conditions


Mr. Alex Richardson, University of Southampton, UK

The effect of over-based calcium sulfonate detergent additives on the formation of WECs


Dr. Sarma Volety

Industrial lubrication: challenges and opportunities


Dr. Marc Ingram, Ingram Tribology Ltd

What is Tribology? – public lecture









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